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August 16th, 2004

03:42 am - I cant sleep
Have You Ever..
Mooned anyone: yes
Been on a diet: yep
Been to a foreign country: Not yet.
Broken a bone: nah
Got in a fight: not really
Told a secret you swore not to tell: Yeah, probably
Stolen anything: no
Been on the radio: Yup,i won some concert tickets to see cowboy mouth and sr-71 once
Been in a mosh pit:yeah
Been to a concert: many
Loved someone so much it makes you cry: yep
Deceived somebody close to you: probably in jr high
Been in love: I am
Been on an airplane: no
Came close to dying: nope
Cheated on a bf/gf: No
Had a dream that you're falling off a cliff: Not that i can recall
Snuck out of the house at night: Ashley's house
Felt like you didn't belong: Yeah
Felt like the 3rd wheel: yep
Smoked: in 9th grade, twice i think
Done drugs: no
Been arrested: Nope
Had your tonsils removed: yep, in second grade
Asked a friend for relationship advice: yes
Had a friend steal your crush: yep in middle school
Gotten a speeding ticket: 2

Childhood Stuff..

Did you watch Fraggle Rock: all the time
Did you believe there were monsters in your closet or under your bed: no
Did you wear the underwear with the days of the week on them: Yep
Were you shy: Yes, and still am sometimes
Were you spoiled: nope
Did you go to the circus: Yes
Did you go to the zoo: Yep
Were you in a car accident: Nope.
Did you build snowmen: it doesnt snow much in the durrrty south
Did you cry when you scraped your knee: Yep
Were your older cousins mean to you: I was forever gettin terrorized
Were you afraid of the dark: no

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August 14th, 2004

03:32 am
I dont know what to do Im so stressed about
upcoming things, Pray that I make the descision
that will benefit my future more.
Current Mood: stressedstressed
Current Music: A small Victory "when hearts were gold"

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August 12th, 2004

02:12 am
Today I took Joe to greensboro to fly back to Ohio It was so sad, I miss him , The ten days that he spent down here flew by. We went to Warped Tour Monday, I think it would have been better at a different venue cause the charlotte ampitheatre is poopy.

Top 4 bands at Warped Tour 04 (Charlotte)
4)Motion City Soundtrack
3)New Found Glory
2)Over It
1)Bleed the Dream

Current Mood: happyhappy
Current Music: Caedmon's Call "Coming Home" (acoustic)

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May 23rd, 2004

12:06 am - summer update
So yeah its summer time and my life has been quite a bore so far.
I miss joe a lot too and that doesnt help. I start my youth ministry
internship oficially tomorrow. I have mixed feelings concerned about
that but I'm mostly excited. I think that God is going to teach me a lot of things through it and I'll build upon my leadership skills and grow spiritually.
That is all
Current Mood: contentcontent
Current Music: The Early November "Ever so Sweet"

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May 17th, 2004

01:33 am
First best friend: Danielle Medlin
First car: my pimp taurus
First real kiss: fall of 2002
First screen name: steph02
First self purchased album:Ace of Bass or Mariah Carey
First funeral: My aunt louise in 92
First pet:lizzie, a dalmation i got in kindergarden that died the day i graduated from highschool
First piercing/tattoo:my ears in 4th grade, ha the same day my mom had the "sex" talk with me i felt very grown up that day, oh and i have a sweet cross tat on my lower back
First crush: (ill have fun with this one) Marshall Dinkins,In 1st grade I use to share markers with him and we would let our arms touch.
First enemy: hmmm i try not to have enemies
First big trip: Disney World
First music you remember hearing in your house: something country, Garth Brooks or Alabama

Last cigarette: 9th grade
Last car ride: starbucks
Last kiss: last saturday
Last good cry: Last saturday when i had to leave joe, it was very emotional, I miss him
Last library book checked out: dont remember
Last movie seen: part of "The Last Samurai"
Last beverage drank: water
Last food consumed: salad
Last crush: my bf Joseph Patrick Snow
Last phone call: about an hour ago
Last time showered: yesterday.
Last shoes worn: my rainbows
Last cd played: saves the day "Through Being Cool"
Last item bought: flip flops
Last annoyance: my puter
Last disappointment: old friends
Last time wanting to die: ive been depressed but ive never actually wanted to die
Last time scolded: this morning my my dad
Last shirt worn: a thrift tee
Last TV show viewed: 3's Company
Current Mood: boredbored
Current Music: Saves the day "Rocks Tonic Juice Magic"

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May 2nd, 2004

02:57 am
layer 1: On The Outside...

Name: Stephanie Jean Watson
Birth date:10.15.1984
birthplace: Augusta GA
current location: Elizabeth City NC
eye color: brown
hair color: dark brown
height: 5'7"
righty or lefty: righty
zodiac sign: Libra

Layer 2: On The Inside...

shoes you wore today:my rainbow flip flops and my candies
your fears: being alone, being unloved, being dissapointing, being depressed
your perfect pizza: cheese. and lots of it!
goal you'd like to achieve: graduate from college.

Layer 3: Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow...

your most overused phrase or words&online: in speech: hehe,lol
your thoughts first waking up: Im so hitting the snooze button
your best feature: my... Lips and eyes
your bedtime: 11:30
your most played song at the moment: Edwin McCain "I'll be"

Layer 4: Do You...

smoke: no
cuss: ha, i try not to
sing: all the time
take a shower everyday: yes
have a crush(es): nope
ofhave a boyfriend/girlfriend: yes
think you've been in love: yep
like(d) high school: mostly
want to get married: yes
believe in yourself: sure
get motion sickness: no
think you're attractive: somedays i do and somedays i dont
get along with your parents: yep
like thunder storms: oh yeahhh!
play an instrument: i use to play the clarinet and i was darn good at it back in the day, i have a guitar that id like to learn how to use
Layer 5: In The Past Month Have You...

drank alcohol: no
smoked: no
done a drug: no
made out: yep
gone on a date: yep
gone to the mall: yes
eaten an entire box of oreos: no
eaten sushi: no
been on stage: no
been dumped: no
gone skating: no
gone skinny dipping: no
dyed your hair: no
stolen anything: no

Layer Six: Ever...

played a game that required removal of clothing: hehe yes
been trashed or extremely intoxicated: nope
been caught "doing someone": ewww..nope
gotten beaten up: no
shoplifted: no

Layer 7: Getting Older

age you hope to be married: 25ish
number and names of children: umm..idk it depends on the sex i want two though
describe your dream wedding: i want it in my home church.. with lots of people i know. then again.. a big ole cathedral would be kind of cool. oh i don't know.
how do you want to die: quickly
what do you want to be when you grow up: A Rock Star
what country(ies) you want to visit: Italy, France, Austrailia,

Layer 8: A Boy/Girl (Opposite Sex)...

best eye color: blue or green
best hair color: brown
short or long hair: either
height: 6ft+
best articles of clothing: shoes
best first date location: ummmm a punk show

Layer 9: In The Numbers...

number of drugs taken illegally: 0
number of people i could trust with my life: hmmmmm
number of cds that i own: a lot
number of piercings: 7
number of tattoos: 1
number of times my name has appeared in the newspaper:a few in highschool for good grades
number of things in my past that i regret: no regrets

Layer 10: Favorite

color: blue
number: 7
movie: DumbnDumber or Almost Heroes or Forest Gump
actor/actress: ohhhhh idon't know
television show: SNL
radio station:
band/group: it changes from time to time
magazine: don't really read them.
book: don't have one but i like to read
hobbie: listening to music
restruant: olive garden
fast food: chick-fil-a
candy: twizzlers
day of the week:Saturday
time of day: bedtime;

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April 25th, 2004

01:11 am

Slept in your bed besides you: ummm prolly brandon...that lil nigglet takes over my room every time leave for a semester
Saw you cry: Rachel

Made you cry: haha does PMS count
Spent the night at your house: uhhhh joe during spring break

You shared a drink with: Joe
You went to the movies with: Joe
You went to the mall with: Rachel and Liz
Yelled at you: My Dad
You kissed: Joe


Said "I love you" and meant it? ummmm....haha..NOOO..but i take that word very seriously now and im not gonna just say it to say it like most RBC couples do after a week it depreciates the meaning.

Gotten in a fight w/your dog/cat/bird/fish, etc.: I killed my brothers fish once, cause i was trying to be nice and change the water and used tap water..haha i laughed histarically...but he was sad...it was an accident i never had a fish so how was i suppose to know

Been to New York?: nope
Been to Florida?: yep many times
California?: no
Hawaii?: nope
Mexico?: no
China?: no

Canada?: nope
Danced naked?: maybe
Dreamed something really crazy and then it happened the next day: no..my dreams are too crazy to become reality

Wish you were the opposite sex?: no

Had an imaginary friend?: Nope


Red or blue?: Blue

Spring or fall?: spring
Last noise you heard?: brand nizzle
Last time you went out of the state: today i went to VA
things you like in a girl/guy?:Tallness, A deep spiritual relationship and leadership qualities,and a lil hawtness in between
What book are you reading now?: The Faith once for all
Worst feeling in the world: feeling depreessed
What is the first thing you think when you wake in the morning?: im so hittin the snooze button
How many rings before you answer the phone?: 2 or three
Future daughter's name:dont know
Future son's name: dont know
If you could have any job you wanted, what would it be? a rock star in a talented punk girl band
Are you a lefty, righty or ambidextrous?: Righty
Do you type with your fingers on the right keys? yep

What's under your bed?: clothes and shoes
Current Age: 19
Siblings: Brandon, Chris
Location: SC

Do you do drugs?: nope
Do you drink?: no

What clothes do you sleep in?: a tee shirt and boxers
Where do you want to get married?: i dont know
If you could change anything about yourself what would that be?: My Body and lil things that erk me about my personality-like my shyness
Who do you really hate?: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH im not gonna say but im trying to change my feelings of hatred for them
Favorite number:7
Been In Love?: ummmmmm no i hate that phrase its over used lol, but im workin on it
What Type Automobile Do You Drive: My Pimp Taurus

Are You Timely Or Always Late: Late
Do You Have A Job: yep i got 2 wating for me at home
Do You Like Being Around People: yeah
Are you for world peace: ANARCHY
Are you a health freak: uh....sometimes?

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April 20th, 2004

01:48 am - Insomia
Ive been trying to sleep for the past 2 hours but i cant so Ill update
There are only 9 more days of classes this semester.
Im probably transering to JBC or FCC next year.
RBC doesnt have the certification and accreditation that i need
to be a teacher. I will miss some things and people and i know it will be sad leaving but I have to do what is best for my future and thats not staying at RBC.

Im so excited about my summer job. Im going to be an intern at
Midlands Christian Church, Ill be teaching sunday school, childrens church and Ill be in charge of the Youth pretty much. Its a big responsibilty but ive already been planning some things. Plus i get paid mad good. I think it will be good for me to have a leadership position and i will gain a lot of insight from the experience. I will also be working at The Shoe Dept. Wow this is my 4th year there!! Ill probably work there forever.

Things with Joe are going good im gonna miss him like crazy this summer!!
Current Mood: awakeawake
Current Music: Greenday "Longview"

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April 4th, 2004

11:36 am

What soda are you?

Dr. Pepper

You just have to be different, don't you?

Personality Test Results

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March 16th, 2004

03:40 pm
What is your emo band name? by spiralinghalo
Your band name is:Saves the Month
You sound like:Weezer
You will be signed to:Vagrant Records
Your emo lyrics are:"The stars are fading as I pass out into the neverending winter"
Created with quill18's MemeGen 3.0!

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